Women in Construction and Engineering Awards

WICE or Women in Construction and Engineering Awards is one of the most prestigious events held annually. Its goal is to recognize the contribution of women in the field of construction and engineering areas. Both of these industries play a significant role in the growth of the economy.
However, this sector is still considered male-dominated due to the extensive participation of men. WICE was created to promote diversity and inclusion in these sectors.
11% of the construction workforce in the United Kingdom consists of women. This rate also represents that most of the jobs they occupy are most office-based while 2% are designated in manual jobs.
On the other hand, there are only 9% of women professionals in the engineering sector. These numbers are too low and show that male workers occupy the remaining rate.
WICE is an eye-opener that aims to change the norm. It serves as an invitation to women to find their career in this sector.
But for them to succeed, they need mentors who understand the importance of these women professionals and ready to train them to use their skills in these industries. It also encourages companies to make their workforce diverse by boosting the career of women in these areas.
As women face underrepresentation in construction and engineering, the goal of WICE is to help women build their career in these fields.
It aims to eliminate the gender gap in the industries because the WICE organizers believe that women can compete with their male counterparts when it comes to skills and efficient decision-making process. The organization is aware that female professionals find it difficult to enter this workforce.
It's not the same in the bingo game, for example. Have you ever wondered why bingo is usually aimed at a female audience? More than 80% of bingo players worldwide are women. Many products are targeted at a specific gender like in online bingo. Jobs in the bingo halls are also taken by women. There you can see a lot more working women than men. It's normal here.
What is clear to WICE is they want to combat these issues to motivate women to take part in this sector. The event has many keynote speakers who aim to highlight, enlighten, and encourage women to find their place in the construction and engineering sectors. Each company cannot eliminate the gender gap alone.
It needs professionals who have also experienced the struggles in entering this workforce. Through their best practices and experiences, they can share the things that women also need to strive and take action.
The encouragement and lessons they share show that it is not impossible to go in the same direction and be competitive just like men in these industries.
It is no secret that jobs in the construction industry require strength and tolerance. It demands long hours of work and if the task is not done efficiently, can affect the entire production. That is why women are often underestimated because of the common thought that they cannot meet the expectations set by the hostile work environment.
WICE wants that these issues won’t prevent women from advancing their career. Business leaders must invest resources in training them in breaking these challenges. They are encouraged to promote mentorship and allow community building in the workplace so that women have someone who can help them succeed.
WICE Awards, on the other hand, is there to reward these women professionals so that they are inspired to do better, unleash their skills, and stay competitive. A company called The Eternity Rose support these annual events because they believe in breaking down the barriers and building new heights. The company itself offers products that are crafted to the fines quiality standards, like these roses that never die. That's why they offer a lifetime warranty on their products.

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