National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) Awards for Excellence (Australia)

NAWIC or National Association of Women in Construction is a prestigious event that honours women who have careers in the construction industry. The NAWIC WA Chapter hosted it, and eight WA women and companies successfully gained the achievements.
It is one of the greatest ways to recognize and celebrate the contribution of female professionals in a sector where a majority of the male is working.
It promotes diversity and shows that women can also strive in a workforce where most of the workers are men. Innovative companies are encouraged to implement mentorship and training specially designed for women.
Its goal is to reduce or eliminate the gender gap in the workplace and give females an opportunity to practice their skills and analytical strategy in the construction sector.
Winners were selected based on their track record and contribution in this field. The panel of judges includes experts and professionals with extensive experience in the same industry.
Among the recognized winners who made a mark in this sector are the following:

woman engineering

Arup diversity and Inclusion Award: Vivienne Edwards, Civil Project Engineer and Principal at Wood and Grieve Engineers

She started her journey in the engineering sector in 2008, and since then, she made numerous achievements such as becoming a Civil Project Engineer in 2011 and Principal of the same firm in 2012.
It allows her to stay flexible and adaptive despite ever-changing technology. One of her notable work was the Karratha City Centre Infrastructure Works which was an initiative of the WA State Government Pilbara Cities of the North.
Together with her team, she leads the design and implementation of the City Centre Master Plan that enables the area to stay sustainable and strong despite the changing environmental conditions of Pilbara.

Swan Crystal Vision Award: Kasey Venter, Director at Elite Compliance Pty Ltd

She earned a Graduate Certificate in Business and had various experiences and positions such as the National Accessibility Consultant and Building Surveying Practitioner and Contractor. She was also a member of the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors.
This varied expertise has been useful to her organization and brings the construction industry to a sustainable future.

Hassell Innovation Award: Louise Stewart, Founder, and CEO of ProjectPAY

Her senior leadership in sales and management allows her to take a spot in the global Fortune 500 technology companies that are renowned in different parts of the world.
Louise’s innovative mind enables her to improve the technological systems needed by her business to strive for growth.
She also used to work with US surety underwriters and responsible in designing new plans that meet the project funds, deadlines, and requirements.
She also utilizes technology to set-up automation of the Project Bank Accounts to make the business more productive while reducing the costs and operation when it comes to paperwork and administrative tasks. She also successfully teamed up with state governments that encouraged the organization to use Project Bank Accounts for infrastructure projects.

Lendlease Outstanding Achievement in Safety Award: Kirsty Edwards, Project Manager of Probuild

Kirsty is passionate about delivering safety and quality in every project and makes sure that she implements the client’s vision and goals.
As the Project Manager for Lot 9, she delivers high-quality support to the Ritz Carlton Hotel and Apartments. You will admire her performance for being always on top of the time frame while maintaining the safety standards of construction projects.
She deals with different consultants, subcontractors, and project stakeholders.

TBH Social Responsibility in Construction Award: Sandy Anghie, Architect and Project Manager of Historic Heart of Perth

Sandy's board experience in diverse fields helps her to unleash her creativity, innovativeness, and exceptional design skills that have been useful in the construction industry.
She was once a tax lawyer, but later become the Project Manager of Historic Heart of Perth due to her passion in planning, analytical skills, and strategic implementation of construction projects. She was the woman behind the establishment of quality and durable homes for many clients in the country.
You can rely on her when it comes to building, renovating, or expanding the foundation of buildings.

Discus Print and Signage Creating the Best Project Award: Hannah Galloway, Senior Associate Landscape Architect at HASSELL

As the Senior Associate landscape architect at HASSELL, Hannah enhances her creativity and design skills that make her stand out in the firm. She has handled a variety of projects, and she was able to succeed regardless of the size of the client’s requests.
Her experience is her key strength that brings a positive impact to the industry. One of the recognition she received was the AILA Design Awards, and she also won gold and silver medals at Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Shows. Her brilliant idea and design skill were used in one of her successful projects, the Stadium Park at Optus Stadium that achieved two AILA National Awards of Excellence 2018.
Aside from the winners of the NAWIC Awards, the organization would also like to acknowledge the accomplishments of the finalists who made it far.

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NAWIC or National Association of Women in Construction is a prestigious event that honours women who have careers in the construction industry. The NAWIC WA Chapter hosted it, and eight WA women and companies successfully gained the achievements.

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