The Big 5 Dubai WICE Awards

The Big 5 in Dubai hosted the WICE Awards, a panel discussion to provide insights about the importance of women in the field of construction and engineering. It is a big event that recognizes the accomplishments of these professionals who play a significant role in the industry.
It is held annually to promote networking with like-minded professionals as well as build a long-term relationship with each event attendee. Each participant has her own success story to share as well as challenges that she was able to overcome in this male-dominated workplace.
Aside from the lessons that can be learned during the event, the WICE Awards is also a stepping stone for women who want to exchange ideas with like-minded people and expand their network.
The following were among the critical keynotes and panel discussions tackled at the WICE Awards.

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Women in Environment

Now that global warming is slowly bringing threat to our environment, women can build their career in this field to design, maintain, and operate a wide variety of systems that can control pollution.
DilaErsenkal, a professional Environment Services Director, specializing in engineering, energy, metal manufacturing, and other infrastructure projects, will enlighten the women participants to contribute a solution to this issue.

Women in Sustainability

The world needs a sustainable solution and developments in the field of infrastructure and design and the establishment of green buildings.
Holley Chant, a sustainability expert, will open up the real issue about this hottest topic so that women will be equipped with valuable lessons that they can use if they are interested in participating in this matter.
The contributions of non-technical professions to the success of the construction industry You may be aware that the majority of workers who work in the construction industry consist of men.
However, this discussion opens up that the other areas of the industry such as Finance, Legal, HR, and Admin so that women can still be given a chance to harness their capability and knowledge through other departments behind the success of construction.

Driving Women Empowerment and Gender Equality

One person who understands the primary issue about gender equality is Hind Alowais, the first Emirati woman who became a senior advisor at the United Nations headquarters in New York.
Through her experiences and best practices, she participated in the event to enlighten her fellow women who have been struggling to address the issue regarding gender equality in the workplace.
The initiatives were taken by the organizations to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplaces. The session will discuss the way companies should implement diversity in their workplace.
It highlights the effective means to include women and minorities to take part in every decision-making and operational aspects of each department.
Hannah Fisher, a Project Manager at SOM Dubai, will open up the latest trends happening in the engineering and construction industry with a hope to help women find their career in this field.
Other speakers in this panel discussion were Regional Director of Hilson Moran, Matthew Kitson, CEO and Business Development Director of Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability LLC, Anita Nouri, Drees and Sommer Global Director Hospitality Interior Design Karen Comber, and JT+ Partners Managing Partner Joe Tabet.

Women in Technology

It is worth taking note that the functionality of women in technology was also tackled. Anwaar Al Shimmari, Chief Innovation Officer of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, discussed the barriers faced by women and ways that they were able to break these boundaries to compete and adapt to the latest technology.
She also highlights the role of women leaders in increasing the efficiency of the production and at the same time, lowering the risks and impacts of the products of technology.

Key Challenges Faced by Women in Construction

In a male-dominated workplace like construction, women commonly faced such issues that reduce their participation in this field.
However, six women speakers will provide tips to the attendees about how women innovators can succeed in this industry. They believe that women can be great mentors to lift others to advance in this field.
The speakers of this final panel discussion were:

The WIC Awards followed after a series of discussions and keynotes. Women with an excellent contribution in the following categories were awarded:

After the insightful lessons delivered by the event, attendees were given a chance to join the networking session where they could exchange ideas, goals, and entrepreneurship tips with other participants.

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The Big 5 in Dubai hosted the WICE Awards, a panel discussion to provide insights about the importance of women in the field of construction and engineering. It is a big event that recognizes the accomplishments of these professionals who play a significant role in the industry.

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